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Beginning September 1, 2014, The Royal Navy series will be published by Dreamspinner .... and this is the cover for Ransom, by the inimitable Reese Dante. 


And here is the second volume, a SUPER DEAL - Winds of Change and Eye of the Storm will now be a single volume with a single price.


Home is the Sailor, January 5, 2015 --


Sail Away, March 2015 (with a new novella, Voyage to London)

Walking Wounded, May 2015

Here's my author page at Dreamspinner

In the meantime, I have some print editions of all of my Cheyenne books.  If you'd like to order one direct, contact me at

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I have requested and received the publication rights to Tangled Web back from Running Press.  I am exploring self-publishing ebook options, but in the meantime I also have the original Running Press print edition available - please contact me about that, too.


And that's about all for the moment...

In the words of the immortal Dr Leonard McCoy -- paraphrased somewhat -- I'm a writer, not a web designer.   Thank  you for your interest in my books!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at  lee (dot) rowan (at)